Welcome to the Pedigree-Database of the Gemeinschaft der europäischen Buckfastimker e.V.

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You are very welcome to the official Pedigree-Database of the Gemeinschaft der europäischen Buckfastimker.
You may enjoy clicking throug the database as guest.

But we also welcome You to register as a „Member of the Pedigree-Database“.
For this purpose we need your . It is also necessary to submit at least one pedigree of one's own breeding line. This pedigree should contain at least three generations, at least the last pairing must have been made by the applying breeder.

Once we have received your application, we will review it and provide you with a breeder code and your access.
This gives you access to additional database functions and you can document your breeding work yourself.

Membership of the GdeB or one of its regional associations is not required to use the database.

Thank you for your work in the preservation of the Buckfastbee!


Do you have questions about the Pedigree database?


Send us an email to pedigree@gdeb.eu !

The guide handbuch-pedigree-datenbank-gdeb contains useful information.